Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

Last molars or third molars are also known as wisdom teeth. These teeth develop on each side of the jaw, dentist brisbane says. They tend to emerge at the back of the mouth at the age of around 16 to 21.

If wisdom teeth are health, they are ok and valuable. If they are not positioned correctly, they can become diseased, infected and even cause cavities in the next tooth adjacent to the wisdom tooth.

A diseased wisdom tooth or a bad-positioned wisdom tooth may require removal. An impacted wisdom tooth occurs when there is an inadequate space in the jaw bone and the jaw bone does not have enough room to accommodate the tooth.

Impacted wisdom teeth can grow sideways. emerge partially or it may remain trapped beneath the gum and bone.

Extraction Procedure

The extraction procedure is relatively routine in many dental clinics. They numb the site and the extraction should be not that painful. Extraction requires maintenance to ensure you follow dentist’s post extraction instructions.