Common Dental Procedures

Common Procedures in a Dental Clinic

Teeth are often classified into: incisors (used for cutting food), cuspids (used for tearing) and molars (used for grinding). Apart from tooth decay and gum infection, the most common mouth disease is harmful forces acting on the teeth, dentist Brisbane says. Some of these forces are self-inflicted like: clenching and grinding.

In general tooth decay is easy to diagnose and the same is gum disease where as detection of abnormal forces that have negative impact on teeth is more challenging than detection of decay or gum disease.

Example of abnormal forces are when people get stressed in the daily life and they grind their teeth over night when they are sleep. Stress is generally a contributing factor to grinding and clenching some dentists say.

In general, depending on the case, there are various treatments available for bringing health into a diseased mouth. Having a basic knowledge of dentistry and available treatment options can help patients.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is an invasive dental procedure. It is probably the most traumatic dental procedure. It is performed when removal of the tooth is necessary. Extraction is the most frequently performed dental procedure in many parts of the world. An ideal tooth extraction should be painless because the dentist numbs the tooth before extraction.

Root Canal Therapy

When there is infection inside the tooth, RCT could be an option. In this procedure, the dentist creates an access to inside the tooth removes the infected pulp and refills and re-seals the access point. RCT involves the complete removal of the pulp. The root canal is cleaned and provided with a filling and it is then followed by a restoration.

White Fillings

Amalgam used to be the most commonly used dental filling. Use of amalgam has almost declined to near zero. These days patients prefer white fillings. Tooth Decay is the most common problem experienced by many many people. It can be painful and sometimes hard to bear. With fillings, the damaged parts of the tooth are removed and replaced (restored). Dental filling is one of the most basic procedures dentists do.

In this procedure, the dentist prepares the cavity and fills it with proper filling material to restore the shape of the tooth.

Typical Devices used in a filling
Dental Filling Material Mixer Used in Dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure and is often done for aesthetic reasons. Teeth tend to discolour over time as a person age. Philips Zoom whitening is a professional tooth whitening procedure done in the dental chair by the dentist. There are also take-home whitening kits that take longer but you can use them at the convenience of your home. The benefit of an in-chair whitening is that it achieves great results for many people in one to two hours.

Philips Zoom Whitening Machine for in-chair whitening

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are artificial Roots. This procedure is used to replace a missing tooth with an artificial tooth. In this process, an implant is screwed into the jaw bone and is topped off with a dental crown. If you have had an extraction, it is recommended to consult with your dentist about an implant option. It is best not to delay the implant because when a tooth is lost, the opposite teeth could collapse into the empty space created in the by the missing tooth.

Collapse of Teeth in to Empty Space Long After Extraction

Dental Crown

Dental crown is a tooth restoration procedure. It is used to make the tooth structure stronger. Crowns support badly damaged teeth. Dental crown is generally prepared and placed into the mouth in two visits to the dental office. Dental crown preparation used to be a complex procedure but these days with the new technologies like CEREC, dental crowns can be made in a few hours.

Dental Braces

Dental braces are orthodontic appliances that are used to move teeth into desired positions and straighten them. It is sometimes an aesthetic procedure and sometimes is required to prevent tooth damage. These days braces are being made of various substances, plastic or metal. Many students use corrective dental braces in their teenage years.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridge is an artificial tooth (false tooth). Compared to Dental Implants, bridges are older and more established dental procedures. Dental Implant is an artificial root but a dental bridge, bridges the gap of your missing tooth. Dental Bridge can replace one or more missing teeth.


Standard (common) dentures are fabricated for people who have lost their teeth. dentures are help in place by suction. but if the suction does not work, the dentist may keep the denture in place using adhesive materials. People who are not comfortable with dentures can consult with their dentist about dental implant.

Nitrous Oxide or Happy Gas

Happy Gas, also known as laughing gas, has been used successfully by many dentists for a century to control dental anxiety. dental anxiety is stress or dental fear. it can be associated with sharp objects like needles and drills. Laughing gas is a medical gas (oxide of nitrogen) it is colourless and has medical uses including in dental surgeries.